The Reality of High Prices and Ordinary Goods


Many websites today offer special group discounts for selected days or have flash sales that only last a few hours. These are some of the ways companies market their products to encourage more people to buy them. Some older products however come at ridiculously high prices. The worst part is that almost everyone seems to ignore the outrageous prices and continue to buy them without thinking twice.
For example, the popcorn being sold in movie houses is marked up at over five hundred percent of the usual price you would pay at any other place. Movie theaters are able to get away with this because people usually don’t have a choice with the food that’s available when watching movies. Thus, these companies have a captured market even before the audience can take their seats inside the theater.
Speaking of movies, most hotels offer film viewings for each individual room or suite. The only difference is the cost of each film; while they might offer free cable television, certain movies are priced upwards of $ 10, something most people wouldn’t consider when watching an old film. Hotels however get away with this by adding the fact that the ambiance of the place adds to the screening.
If there’s anything that’s supposed to be free, it has to be water. Yet, over the decades water has gone from being a basic necessity to becoming a luxury. Fifty years ago most people would have laughed at the idea of water being sold in small bottles, but today it is the reality. For as long as people buy bottled water, or any type of product, manufacturers and companies will continue to sell them at increasingly high prices.


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