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Using an Alarm as a Financial Incentive

A person can promise to stop spending too much of his money, but if he forgets to do that then all of his good intentions won’t earn him a cent. He can tell his

Teaching Children the Value of Frugality

A good parent has many responsibilities towards his children, but one important lesson that is being overlooked is the value of money. Kids nowadays don’t know how hard it is to earn a profit.

Increase Your Savings With Steady Account Transfers

Consistently adding to your savings has many benefits and one major setback. That major problem is that a persons desire for immediate fun (gratification) by spending available money has to be set aside. This

The Reality of High Prices and Ordinary Goods

Many websites today offer special group discounts for selected days or have flash sales that only last a few hours. These are some of the ways companies market their products to encourage more people